Eleven points of Advocacy:

1: Corporatist Republic: 

We propose:

(This would be done to promote national unity through class cooperation, contrary to Marxist alternatives which advocate class warfare, or the current function of capitalism which bears the philosophy of profit before the interest of the national-collective).

(This would be done to protect farmers/ranchers from the exploitation of rural properties & industry by capital.)

(We believe that the American nation should be structured in organic manner, with a representative and efficient republican system of government which is to be elected by the people for their specific collective interests led by competent men and women of action. We believe that the electoral process should be contained within direct sects of interest rather than the utilization of regional voting.)

2: Education Reformation:

:It is no secret that America's education system has failed miserably. It is the duty of both the state and parents alike to ensure that the youth are given the education necessary not only to achieve academic success but also to lead healthy lifestyles, to be capable of self-sufficiency in state of disaster, and to carry about a radiant sense of pride for both themselves and nation.

We advocate:

3: Reclamation of Identity:

-We reject the acceptance and promotion of the cultural melting-pot theory as a healthy national phenomena. We promote the belief in a unified American identity created by the shared experiences, triumphs, and struggles of our American ancestors regardless of past ethnic background. 

This unified national identity cannot exist so long as endless waves of migrants whom have no history or ties to the soul of our nation continue to displace American nationals.

We advocate:

4: Arms & Defense: 

We advocate:

5: Taxation & Trade:

We advocate:

(Lowering the annual taxes of working class individuals per dependent child birthed in order to promote national procreation while also easing the financial struggle of growing families.)

6: Press & Media:

We advocate:

7: Anti-American Extremism:

We advocate:

8: The Defense of Innocence:

:The Initiative opposes all forms of physical and psychological manipulation or harm of the nations' youth. 

We advocate:

9: Welfare Reformation & Workers' Rights:

We demand:

10: Land Reformation:

We advocate:

11: National Loyalty:

:We propose a nation where our leaders focus Americas’ resources and efforts within our own territories.

We advocate:

"--That whenever any form government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying it's foundations on such principles and organizing it's power in such form, as to them shall seem most likely effect their safety and happiness."

-James Madison