Philosophical Foundations of the Initiative:


          (Molecular Nation)

We believe that the American nation of the past has ceased to exist; its remnant enclaves left to decay into spoiled images of their past-being.

It is one of our many aspirations to form through collective struggle and solidarity of political and philosophical cause, a new and repurposed national identity of which future Americans' can be proud to hail from.

(Proletarian Nationalism)

Regarding the material nation, we have, to an extent, adopted the intellectual concept of proletarian and bourgeois nations as realized by the Italian nationalist philosopher Enrico Corradini.

We understand the contemporary United States and the majority of other western nations to be 'bourgeois nations' in the manner of their explicit social decadence and adherence to both capitalist socially Marxist materialisms. This bourgeois status also being maintained so long as the United States remains an imperialist exporter of global liberalism and false democracies, however, this is not the eternal function of the United States; through the Initiative we reject the status quo and bring awareness to the negativities which plague contemporary America. It is our goal to overthrow American imperial tendencies and to replace them with national morality, sovereignty, and policies which transcend the country toward the function of a noble proletarian nation.

Corporate Syndicalism:

We believe that the interests of the national-proletariat are to be of the utmost concern, being that they are the cornerstone of society upon which the rich and wealthy rest and should be a top priority to our federal government, rather than kowtowing to the interests of the liberal-capitalist class which seeks to exploit them for profit.

To this end of establishing a more equitable and just society, we propose a method of representative councils and unions that represent workers organized by economic sector in national policy making, by functional representation of proletariat interests, and the advocacy of workers control over their own workplaces.

Through giving power back to the working class, we will create a foundation upon which society organizes around in a well-constructed, regimented manner for mutual support. By reorganizing our economy in a nationalized fashion, the impacts of this economic cohesion and communal support in which each organ of the national body works properly, will be felt throughout the entire working class, leading to a national unity and identity around which our labor is organized, for the benefit of our fellow countrymen.

Ecological Modernism:

While we do not endorse every proposition and solution brought to the table by mainstream eco-modernist philosophers, we do believe that the future of our nation would massively benefit from further research into pragmatic eco-modernist concepts within and possibly beyond the realms of future industry and architecture.


For generations the ruling plutocratic powers... bankers, internationalists, a liberal propagandist controlled media, and immoral capitalists have acted vampirically in order to sustain themselves and their livelihoods by robbing the common American man and woman of any true opportunity of progression and security. 

We seek to establish a new order by which the new State, the workers State, may effectively safeguard our peoples future and our collective posterity against hostile forces both foreign and especially domestic.