Welcome to the Initiative!

Born mid-year of 2021 out of the frustrations felt by many working-class Americans concerning mainstream American politics, the ANI seeks to promote a new, radical, and overall American solution to the issues of submissive conservatism, cultural liberalism, and socially divisive Marxist ideals.

Our proposal?

A new and repurposed America forged through the flames of reformation and total cultural revolution.

We do not accept the ways of the old American political function, but rather embrace the creation of a new system entirely.

The Initiative seeks to construct and establish the foundations for a revolutionary, organic, and nationalistic system, which will be used  as the basis of a new national order and the catalyst for the establishment of the American workers' State.

 We are against the founding principles of which the current establishment was built upon; liberalism, hyper-individualism, and profit at all costs are no longer acceptable norms for the blackshirts of the Initiative.

We are a movement founded upon the collective morality of a new and patriotic national-proletariat.

ANI Area of Operations:


Please contact Americannationalistinitiative@proton.me for any local relief/community assistance or membership application inquiries.


"Living in dreams of yesterday, we find ourselves still dreaming of impossible future conquests."

-Charles Lindbergh