Frequently asked questions:

1: What is the American Nationalist Initiative?

2: Isn't corporatism just government by big business?

3: What is the ANI's stance regarding race and ethnicity?

4: What is your attitude towards women?

5: What is your position on free trade?

6:What is your position on property rights?

7: What is the official stance of the Initiative on religion?

8: What does your flag represent?

Since then the Initiative has adopted a blue banner emblazoned with the traditional thirteen stars encompassing our organizations' abbreviated initials in order to promote community familiarity; the cog and grain being used to show our solidarity with the American working and agricultural classes.

9: What do you mean by "Nationalize American Labor"?

10: Do you collaborate with other organizations?

11: Does the Initiative endorse American imperialism?

12: What do you mean by "Defend American Agriculture"?

13: What is the ANI stance on the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict?

14: How do I request food, medical, or infant supplies?

15: How do I join the Initiative?

Follow the provided instructions:

"We must nationalize the masses of workers so that they are the basic pillar of the state."

-Ramiro Ledesma Ramos